Tips for Preparing Kids with Special Needs for Halloween

autism Halloween tips

Tips for Preparing Kids with Autism for Halloween

Top Trick or Treating Tips

  • Create a schedule and decide how long you will go trick or treating for.
  • Have something positive to go home to, like a favorite snack or surprise gift to celebrate.
  • If necessary, talk to your neighbors ahead of time to let them know about dietary concerns or behavioral issues.

Prepare for a Meltdown

  • Exciting events can easily cause an autistic child to become overwhelmed.
  • Take breaks and have their favorite calming item.
  • Wear noise reduction ear muffs to minimize unexpected noises from other children.

Prepare for the Night

Always know and follow all safety rules

  • Create rules and review them with your child ahead of time.
  • Hold hands while crossing the street.
  • Have a glow necklace or flashlight.
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