Need a last minute gift idea? Our SLPs recommend Play-doh!

Why Play-Doh is recommended by Cheshire Fitness Zone Speech-Language Pathologists:

            Play-doh can target so many different things, including but not limited to the following…

  • Choice making:
    • What color do you want?
    • What shape should we make?
  • Requesting:
    • Have your child ask for a specific color/cutter/tool/etc.
  • Verbs:
    • Receptively: Having your child carry out directives with different verbs, e.q. squeeze, roll, push, pull, cut, open,close; along with pretend play verbs: eat, cook, etc.
    • Expressively: Having your child tell you what to do with the play-doh, or express what they are doing.
  • Semantic/vocabulary development:
    • Categories:
      • Identify different categories as you play, e.g. “Lets make some farm animals/food/vehicles!”
    • Exclusions:
      • e.g. “We have a cow, pig, and lion. Which one is not a farm animal?”
    • Associations:
      • e.g. “Let’s cut the pizza you made. What do we need to cut it?”
  • Prepositions:
    • Many activities incorporate placing play-doh in, on and out of something. You can work prepositions into play in many ways. Some additional prepositions you could use include: off, under, behind, next to.
  • Adjectives:
    • Expand sentences to include adjectives.
      • Discussthe size, color and texture of your creations!
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