March Madness Activities

With March Madness right around the corner we wanted to share some of our favorite arts and crafts activities with you to do with the kids!

Coloring/painting with a basketball:

  • Tape a large piece of kraft paper down so that it does not move
  • Squirt several blobs of paint in different colors on the paper and hand over the basketballs
  • Let your toddler bounce, roll and move the balls in the paint
  • Identify the different colors and any new colors she makes
  • Remember to put a paint smock on your toddler so they don’t get their clothes dirty with paint!

Q-Tip Painting Basketballs:

  • Print out basketball outlines and dip Q-Tips in the orange paint and start dotting away
  • Remind the kids to stay in the basketball lines
  • This is great fine motor practice

Tissue Basketball Craft:

  • Print out a basketball outline and cut 1″ squares of black and orange tissue or construction paper
  • Put a line of glue on the black lines of the basketball
  • Using the black tissue paper, either crumple up the tissue paper into tiny balls, or press the middle of the tissue paper onto the glue
  • Do the same with the orange tissue paper, filling in between the black lines
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