How Parents Can Achieve Better Tech Time Management For Their Kids

Today, the average child uses at least 3 tech devices for entertainment and social development.  These include gadgets like computers, tablets, video games, and smartphones. Tech time management is becoming a common topic to discuss and parents need to know how to manage this without making them backdated on the up-and-coming technological advancements in today’s world.

Each parent should know that for a child to succeed academically despite technological influences, verbal communication is key.  According to speech therapy CT professionals, the easiest way to achieve this is by talking to a child on a daily basis. Managing technology is therefore a priority in enhancing kids’ communication and brain development. Here are a few ways in which you can achieve this.


Make tech-free moments in your schedule

You can easily do this by initiating some time during the day – say dinner time – whereby the whole family puts the devices they use away and share a conversation.

Pacify boredom in other ways other than technology

Many parents are worried, since they confess that their children are using technological devices to kill boredom. In addition, parents also confess that they use these gadgets to keep children aged 0-3 years old entertained.  Rather than focusing on keeping children busy with technology, try engaging them in conversation during “down time” (e.g. while making dinner or on long car rides).  Challenge them in life and keep them engaged. You will find out that they actually like it.

Make sure you only allow access to appropriate content

Many of the gadgets today are actually fashioned for children. This is a dangerous trend because children will actually want to spend more time alone.  Make sure you utilize firewalls and check that the gadget offers adjustments for kid-appropriate content, so that whether the parent or the child is using the machine, the balance is well achieved.

Do not over-depend on educational apps

Though educational apps help by giving a new angle to the way kids learn, it has been discovered that children actually do well simply by talking, engaging in debates and reading. Technology has never topped the list as the best way to teach a child, and you should always consider it a supplement.

Now that you know how to better manage tech time for your kids, make sure you also enforce the ideals of essential communications on your children so that they fully understand why they should never think that verbalizing their thoughts is insignificant.

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