Five Ways to Help Your Child to Lose Weight


Child obesity can lead to huge number of health problems. If you child is overweight, then it is extremely important that you are able to safely help them to lose some of the excess weight. Your doctor will be able to help you to set a healthy eating and exercise plan for them. Never use crash diets or strict exercise plans as these can cause damage to the body. This article provides five simple and safe ways that you can help your child to lose weight.

Healthy Eating

The first place to start is with a healthy eating routine. Your doctor or a nutritionist can give you some advice on how to create a set eating plan. Some tips are to cut out all refined foods from their diet, this can include things like chocolate, biscuits, chips and ice cream. These all contain very little nutritional value for your child and they can lead to weight gain. Instead try and increase the amount of fruits and vegetables that you have in your child’s diet. Juicing can provide a great way to get more vitamins and minerals into their diet, plus juices are fun to make and they taste delicious. Learn some new recipes for low fat and healthy snacks so that you can provide your child with something good to snack or juice  when they are hungry,  you can learn about green juice and start planning their meal.

A tip is to avoid having any type of junk food within your house, as it will just provide too much temptation. You should be on the same healthy eating plan as your child. If possible you should make and pack their own packed lunches so that they don’t eat junk food at school. Avoid all sodas and flavored drinks too.

Set Goals

Goals will help your child to lose weight. You can set goals using the SMART goal setting method. Never set hard to reach goals, as these could be putting excess pressure on your child’s body and health. They can also be discouraging to your child if the goals are not met.

Offer Rewards

A fun way to help your child to achieve more goals is to set rewards for completion of the goals. Never use food items as rewards. Instead, you can set fun treats or special days out, such as trip to the cinema or new clothes and toys.

Fun Exercise

Exercise is an essential part of any weight loss programme. A great way to get your child to do more exercise is to enroll them in activities that they will have fun doing. Some examples of fun exercise can include trampolining, gymnastics, soccer or baseball. Do a search for activities and classes held in your area that are designed for children. Many will offer a free or discounted trial class so your child can see if they will like it.

Speciality Fitness Programs

Finally, there are child fitness programs available. They will provide a fun, safe and effective way for your child to lose weight. A specialist will work with your child to create a fitness plan tailored to their needs. Good luck.

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